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Kids Managing Conflict is dedicated to providing peer mediation programs to youth for conflict resolution, communication, and social-emotional skill development, but this isn’t work we do alone.

With your meaningful gift to KMC, you can take pride in knowing you are contributing to helping us create a more peaceful society.

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Make a difference by donating to expand Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution Programs in K-12 schools. Your financial support, no matter the size, empowers our students to tackle critical issues, learn how to resolve, mediate conflict, & become future leaders.  Join us in making a lasting impact through the simple act of donating money.

(EIN Number): 20-8722577 

Gift of Time

Volunteering is not just about helping others; it’s an opportunity for personal growth and skill development.  Your efforts contribute to a collective force striving for a more peaceful world, creating a more connected and compassionate global community.  Join us in making a difference through the simple act of giving your time.

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